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NCIS Season 13 Episode 8


At South Sudan Volunteer doctor, IDG and nurse are helping the local, after that the gunmen shows up and fired at them. Liz is calling NCIS for help.

At MTAC, Gibbs get called from Stan. He shows them about place where IDG is attacked. Tony and Bishop go to ask more at IDG, he meets Jeanne.

They tell her about Liz’s dead, she asks them about her husband. They don’t know about it yet.

Gibbs plans to goes to South Sudan to help, Jeanne goes to identify the bodied. None of them is her husband. Taff shows up and try to stop him after know Gibbs wants to go there. But he collapse while briefing.

Tony and McGee go there instead, Gibbs is upset after he found they gone without him. Along with Jeanne.

Tony and them arrive at there, Stan takes them to IDG. They found the survivor, but she doesn’t want to help them. She tells them that Jeanne’s husband is taken along with other.

At NCIS found that General at South Sudan might responsibility in this kidnapped. They keep tracking them, Gibbs found the attacker’s direction he tells them about it.

Tony and them following them and found her husband and Joni, they are taken to help their general who injured. They distract them and get the hostages out. But his men chasing them, Gibbs send them the helicopter to help them.

They all safety back.