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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 7


1000 years ago before Arthur period, Merlin and his friend see something ruing wander in desert. It’s a holy grail, when his friend touch i he become dust. Merlin drink what’s inside, after that he has magic. He changed the desert into forest.

After that Merlin keeps helping other people, one day a woman shows up and tell him about Vortigan. He try to convinces her, Nimue to stay with him.

After years passing, he wants to propose Nimue. He tells her about holy grail, she wants to drink from it but he thinks no. He wants to turn it to sword that can cut to any magic, so he will be mortal and back with her.

They go to see her village, she is very upset of what’s happen. He found that Vortigan is coming for them for the grail. Merlin takes the grail and change it to Excalibur, but Vortigan shows up and kill Nimue.

Nimue actually is not death, she already drink from grail. She kill Vortigan and become the first dark one. She breaks the sword.

Merlin tells Emma about flame that they need to retrieve, but they have to pass the first dark one. He tells her he might die or they all win.

They plan to get the Excalibur from Arthur, Zelena tells them about hidden tunnel that lead to Arthur’s room. While Arthur prepare potion for his guard to attack the intruder.

Merlin and Emma go to where the flame is. He asks her to call the first dark one, but instead it’s Nimue. She controls Emma to kill Merlin, She gets control and get the flame back from Nimue.

Zelena plans with Arthur and make Excalibur to control Merlin for Arthur, they try to convince him but failed. He command Merlin there, he control him to stop them. Merlin try to convince Arthur, but he won’t listen.

Present Emma is going to put the Excalibur together, She remind what Merlin told her when child, but she finally take it.