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NCIS Season 13 Episode 7

16 Years

2 Children and their father are looking for snipes in the wood, they found the body instead.

NCIS goes to check the body, they found he used to serve the navy. They found his rifle and his truck. Bishop found that he is Hayes, after Ducky fond that. He tells Gibss that he can’t work with his case. He tells him about a man Todd that they should talk to him. He tells Gibss about case that he used to work with Hayes about his son murdered, with Todd is suspect.

Tony and McGee found Hayes’s wallet there, they also found another bullet hole there. Gibss goes to question Tod about Hayes, he tells them about Ducky’s investigation group. They found they are working on it, they try to get the corporate but they won’t. They have no choice but arrest them, they questions them about Hayes.

They found that Hayes has son, Michael. He is in prison by Abby’s testify, Bishop try to convinces him to help them but he doesn’t want their help.

Abby thinks that she make a mistake on Michael’s case. She is doubt herself, Gibss found from the detective group tat how they get murderer.

Gibss goes to get piece of wood from Tony’s finger, once Jason Micheal’s friend shows up. They arrest him for blame Michael.

They found the splinter from Tony’s finger and the sap from Michael’s friend shoe. Next day they release Michael out.