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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 6

The Bear and the Bow

Merlin takes David and them to Arthur’s dungeon. They go to free Lancelot, Merida also there. Merlin tells her that the wispe will lead her to death.

During way Merida kidnapped Belle and asks her for help, they go to one witch’s house to cast magic there. They found what happen to her brother, her enemy is killing them.

Merida tells Belle about magic that can turn her to bear, so she can change her brother fate. She convinces her that she doesn’t need that, they go to rescue her brother with themselves.

While they are shooting at them, Merida stop them from kill her brother and claims her throne back.

Regina tells other about what Emma told her about Merlin, they plan to find Merlin to learn what happen in Camerlot.

Emma and Merida found that Rumple is escape, Emma tells Merida to kill Belle so Rumple will comes and become a hero.

Belle found Rumple hidden in the library, he tells her about Emma’s plan. Emma gets Zelena out, she wants her help. But she refused.

Merida is chasing after Belle and Rumple, she managed to knock her down. Regina and Arthur are going to use magic to connect with Merlin. But instead he burn their last ingredient and tell them magic won’t work.

Rumple takes Belle out of the town, but she doesn’t agree. He tells her that he is coward, she goes back in town. Rumple decides to leave town, Belle walks back and found Merida. She drink the potion from Emma and turn to bear.

She chasing Belle to wood, it catch up with her. While she is attack her, Rumple shows up and stop her.

They go back to see Emma, Rumple tells her to return Merida’s heart. Rumple pull out the Excalibur success.

They found that Arthur lied to them, Regina thinks that Henry can talk to Merlin. They found that only person can stop dark one is Nimue.