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NCIS Season 13 Episode 6


A marine is shot to dead while he is sitting in the park, NCIS goes to check his body. Bishop suggest that may be the sniper is may be tri-state shooter. McGee and Bishop found the case, they think they are deal with serial killer.

Tony and Bishop found that police get the tri-state shooter arrested, but they found that he is arrested before victim is killed. They think they gets the copy cat.

Gibss found that victim used to be arrested for sex nude photo abused, they go to check a marine who turn him in. He found nothing much, they go to check his victim she seems hiding something from them.

Tony found that victim is get fight with his victim and punch him, Gibss questions her about it. She tells them that he tried to apologize her but she punch him.

Tony thinks that he gets the poison from the killer, he found victim’s friend before. They ask him about it, he tells them that he gets when he is going to see victim.

He tells him about victim’s nude case, look like he confess to that case in exchange to help his sister from prison. Later he is going to confess, but someone get him first.

Bishop found out that marine who victim’s confess is the one who plant camera. At night his captain shows up to him and tricks him to confess to his captain, Gibss shows up and arrest him.