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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 5


At Camelot, Merlin goes to see previous Dark one. He is going to kill him then he found something, then he become the tree.

Prince and Snow try to convince Regina to give them sword, before she gives. Emma shows up and stop them, she tells Regina that they are under spell and she knows how to stop them. Then she vanish, Regina tells the other about her and they are wonder.

Emma tells Regina about Dreamcatcher and Merlin, they think if they find the tear it can bring him back.

Regina thinks her tear might work, they uses dreamcatcher to make she remember the moment that her mother kill Daniel. She get the tear, but they try it’s not work. Emma thinks because she already move on.

They found Henry who just break up with Violet, they are using his tear. Arthur shows up to stop them, Emma use her magic to free Merlin.

Emma threat Merida to takes Rumple out and find her the sword. She collect a lot of dreamcatcher, Violet tells Henry that her horse is missing. He goes to asks Emma to help them.

Regina and them go to check Emma’s house, while he takes her out. Emma found where is Violet’s horse. he managed to get the horse.

Regina found where Emma hides in her basement, they found the Excalibur. But they are leaving after knows she back, they found her dreamcatcher.

They ask Arthur about his sword, he tells them that the sword can end the dark magic but it also end the light magic.

Merlida knows they way to make Rumple fight, she tells him the plan to attack Emma. Regina thinks Emma use dreamcatcher to wipe out their memory, she looks in it and found that Emma force Violet to break Henry’s heart to get his tear.