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NCIS Season 13 Episode 5


A woman just gets in accident, driver escapes before she found that there is a marine’s body in his trunk.

NCIS goes to check his body, he is captain Dablin. They found he is stabbed and found something in his belly. It’s a deadly toxin, Abby goes to check with lab.

While Bishop found that Dablin has missing more toxin than they found, they get call from someone to asks them to meeting.

While Abby at the lab, there is locked down and there are attacked. She stuck in that lab, with one of lab employee.

Gibss goes to meeting place and found a lot of women. After questions them, Bishop found that Dablin called a lot at lab that Abby’s are.

Abby success to call Gibbs and tells him about the attack, after that she found that the attacker is going killed her and all hostages.

Gibss and them are at lab, they tell them they want chopper and money. They try to stall them. Gibss question the guy who set up his meeting, he tells him something.

She try to warns him by smoke, then bad guy found that Abby lockdown the system. They tells her to get out before they will start to kill hostage.

Abby try to make the bomb to fight with them, but they failed. They also found and captured her. McGee unlocked Abby lockdown, they get in.

Abby refused to unlock, she tells them she will release poison gas. They don’t believe her, she release gas and knock them down.

Gibss and NCIS show up and rescue them, Abby found that employee also their people. They found that she try to steal data by hire Dablin, but the other men kill him to shut him down.