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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 13


Car owner found 2 car thieves try to get his car, while he threaten them a body fell down from the bridge on his car.

NCIS goes to check his body, he is Mateo. They think probably he did suicide, King goes to question his boss. She tells them about Victor, victim’s brother.

They found that Mateo is killed and push down the bridge, they found he has strange behavior lately. They question his family, they knows nothing.

They go asks about the gang he may involved, they found about Barrios. They think he might be the one who kill victim. They go to check his place and found people he smuggled in.

They found that victim might infected, they think he has contact with someone. They tell his family that he might involve with smuggled.

Next night Barrios also found dead like Mateo, they found the plan to smuggled more. They found Victor there.

He confess that his mother involved with Barrios, Mateo found that and try to help her smuggled her daughter. Victor tells them about corrupt agent.

King goes to see him, he knows that Mateo goes to get help from him. He try to convinces him to help find her, he confess.

Finally they help them get her daughter back.