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NCIS Season 13 Episode 4

Double Trouble

A man, Doke get in the hidden lair, he threaten owner to put grenade to him. He robĀ their cash and money and leave his grenade there.

Next day he end up dead, NCIS go to check his body and found a lot of practice grenade in his trunk. They found a lot of money in his car.

Klugman shows up at NCIS, he claims that he knows Doke. They found that Klugman is former NCIS who is arrest by Vance. He tells them he knows where the practice grenade used to rob the place.

Tony and Bishop go to see that place, they meet Carver and question him about the rob. At night Klugman shows at Vances’ place, he is injured. He frames him that he hurt him, Madam secretary shows up tells him that his lawyer wants him to step down exchange for not go to public.

Vance go to see Gibss, he wants to be part of his team to investigate about this case. He’s agreed. Gibss and Vance are following Klugman.

They found that Klugman and Carver shares same lawyer, Madam secretary shows up to see her too. They found in her room about video about Carver is robbed.

Madam secretary gives LancesĀ a day to end his case before she announces his retirement tomorrow.

Abby found that bag Doke got, get the tracking back to Carver. Tony ans McGee question him, they found that Carver’s doorman and Klugman plan together to rob Carver but Doke do it first.

At night Gibss and Vance go after Klugman and doorman, they found doorman try to rob the evidence. Vance wants to let them goes, Gibss plants his phone in evidence. They following them and found Klugman, doorman and his lawyer and money.

They arrest them, Vance still has his job.