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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 10

Everybody Runs

17 years ago, Wally is hired for Precog program. He meets with them when they are kid, they think that they will be release soon. But they tells him otherwise, they are there until.

Henry found that Vega ins involve with the Precog, Vega found that Henry found them. She tells them to run away. But Agatha propose that may be they shouldn’t, they suddenly have the vision about people died from DNA modification as Senator.

They tell her about the dead they see, Vega back to ask Gray about it. But he won’t tells her anything and kill himself.

Henry shows up to talk with Vega, he asks her about the island where they found Agatha. She avoid all his question. She back to warn them about Henry, they are leaving city.

Akeela helps them change the face, but they found Dash goes out to see Wally. He tells him that he didn’t see anything but park and swing, he need to check his vision.

Vega think that Gray try to trick them, they found that Gray try to attack congress. Henry shows up and captured Dash, but Arthur shows up and knock them down.

They tell Henry that they will help but he will just escort them to the machine, Wally and Vega will take care them without him alert DIA.

After start the Precog machine, they found that they are tricked by them. They trick them to send all congress to the bunker, so they can poison them at the same time. Vega and Blake stop them on time, but they have another vision.

Arthur men is taken out by Henry, he plan to get them. But 3 Precogs also tricks them they all wake up and sedate them all. Vega shows up and put them in the system.

Vega tells them to leave and don’t tell her about them, she will wait for them. They will get nothing from her. Arthur wants to kill them, Vega try to stop him but Wally already kill them. Wally tell them to run.