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NCIS Season 13 Episode 3


Bishop and McGee are undercover as couple, they are stake out their marine couple neighbor.

NCIS gets call from Major Newton, Gibss and Tony go to see him what case he has. But they found that he is killed.

They are checking the old case that Newton used to work on it, McGee found that Newton checked on Ramsey before died. Tony and McGee goes to check him.

Abby found that Newton is checking Dean’s wife, after Gibss and Tony go to ask them. They think they hide something, they found that Newton is on investigate Dean’s wife. Gibss wants Bishop and McGee go undercover to find out about them.

Gibss talks to Dean’s wife’s attorney, he thinks Dean is after her money. Abby found that Dean’s wife is not the same person. She is fake.

Bishop try to sneaks in their house, she found that real her is Rita. While McGee is exposed, he arrested her. But she already warn Dean, he rush back to house. But Bishop didn’t get the notice.

Bishop found her body, but she is attacked by Dean. She success stop him, Gibss and Tony show up. They found that Dean met Rita in bar nearby, they decide to kill his wife. Fake herself like her and plan to retired with all heritage from his wife.