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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 9

Memento Mori

Directory of DIA try to convinces government about Memento Mori’s group, he shows the chairman about Precog system. Arthur is watching over them.

Dash gets another vision about Senator, they meets her and Aman her head security. She try to pass the law to prevent another child died like her son.

Dash spots a man he saw in vision, which he also has a book they try to chase him but he escape.

Arthur asks Blake to blackmail Senator for him so he won’t start the precog project. He doesn’t agreed, Arthur asks someone else instead. But after he meet with Director DIA, he offer him the work and wants to recruit them as tool.

Arthur tells Dash and them about Senator, he wants him to stop. Vega agreed that it’s risky. He won’t listen and goes to see Wally and find out about his vision.

Directory DIA Henry shows up he wants to use Precog again. He tells him about group Memento Mori, he try to get his data out.

Dash tells Vega about Henry, he wants to help them but she think it’s not good idea. Blake scares and dump them.

They go to check the 8 Vat facility, they see it on his vision. They found the book that missing and see word Memento Mori on it. They notices that man but he escape.

They found that man is Gray, he used to invent the same technology as the Senator does it now. Vega and Dash go to help at Senator’s conference to help them protect her.

But Gray success to hit her with his DNA modification, they send her to hospital. They arrest him, they question him. He tells them about his experiment, he did because to warn the other to not do same as him if her law pass.

Agatha shows up to Arthur, she tells him about Henry, he almost get her.