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NCIS Season 13 Episode 2

Personal Day

Ditch from DEA shows up and wants NCIS help about one of navy, he tells them about him wants to tell him something but didn’t show up. He tell him about Long, he is cartel who try to recruit military to work with him.

Gibss and them except Tony go to see Long’s house. They have warrant and go to check there, they can’t find anything. Long tells them that marine is out.

Abby found out about Hyland from Long’s gun. They think he works with Long, Bishop and McGee go to see him. He tells them about Long’s new drug at abandon school. They found that missing marine body.

Tony tells Gibss that he knows that Mitch is a son of officer who died to protect his wife. He worry that he will help Mitch every way.

They found that Long’s counsin’s rug is used on dead marine, while McGee almost found evidence. He try to pull out the gun, McGee shots him dead. Mitch is upset, Abby and Duck found drug in his rug.

They found that Long has connection to Mitch’s father dead and Gibss’s family, Tony tell him that Mitch is at Long’s house. He goes to see him, Tony and McGee go to help him.

They found Long at his house, he try to provoke them after he found that his cousin’s dead. He even confess for what he did, Tony and McGee show up and arrest him.