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Warcraft The Beginning (2016)

There is no any war between Orcs and human before, In orc’s world one of the Orcs Durotan. He is worried about his family and wants to find new home for his clan. He and his clan travel to orc’s gathering at Gul’dan’s clan.

Gul’dan has magic, he used the orc live to spell his magic. He plans to build new portal and start war with human to get them as fuel of his magic.

Gul’dan opens the portal to human’s world, Orc’s army travel to portal to human’s world. Durotan and his clan also across to there but during travel Durotan’s son born. Gul’dan helps him from die when birth.

At Iron forge, commander Lothar gets the message from storm wind that one of his garrison is destroyed, but with help of mage from Tor, Khadgar. He found out about the Fel.

He convinces the king to summon the guardians, the king ask commander and mage to get him, Medivh. After he found out about Fel, he agreed to go to see the king.

Lothar, Medivh and Khadgar travel to check who is the enemy. but they are ambush by orc. They lost a lot of solider, Medivh safe most of them and leave. Lothar catch one of the orc to be prisoner, while Khadgar gets one of the half breed, Garona.

They take them to see king, she tells them about orc and the gate. King promises her the freedom if she help them.

Durotan plans to work with human to stop Gul’dan, he thinks because of Gul’dan that destroy his land and he is going to destroy human’s land too.

Garona takes Lothar and his men to see the portal and orc’s band. Durothan takes that chance to set meeting with human. Lothar thinks it’s a trap while Garona try to convinces them it’s not.

Khadgar tells Lothar about Medivh, he thinks Orc is invited to here. Lothar and King go to meet with Durotan, he tells them about Gul’dan and his plan to kill Gul’dan. Then they are ambush by other Orcs.

They escaped with help of Medivh, but Lothar lost his son during ambush. They found Medivh unconscious on the hill, they take him back to the fond to cure him.

Gul’dan found out about Durotan, he ordered to kill all his clan. Khadgar goes back to ask his mentor about Alodi, there he met Alodi. She tells him about Medivh and how to defeat darkness.

King plans to attack the Horde with help from Medivh, but Lothar doesn’t trust him. He is captured, he asks Garona to protect the king for him. Next day king leaves the king dom, Khadgar shows up to get Lothar out.

They head to stop Medivh, while Durotan challenge to Gul’dan for duel. He accepts and fight but during fight. Medivh try to open the gate, Gul’dan uses his magic to stop the fight. He makes the orcs upset and finally he killed Durotan.

After fight Gul’dan lost all his orc’s band, he starts to kill other orc with Fel and force them to attack human. King and his army found that Durotan lost, he keeps march his army to free his people.

Gul’dan try to open portal and get his army here, Lothar and Khadgar try to stop Medivh. Khadgar success to destroy all fell and stop Medivh. It close the portal, Medivh backs to himself. He opens the portal to help king get people back.

After Medivh dead, orc push the human back. While surrounded by orc, king ask Garona to kill him to be able to save herself.

She did and earn the honor from orc, Lothar shows up and found his king dead. He try to get his body out but he is knock down by orc.

Once he wakes up, they ask him to duel with Orc. He win and kill it, Gul’dan try to kill him but no orc following him. Garona convinces him not to do it otherwise he will lost his horde.

Lothar misunderstand that Garona choices to be with orc and kill king. In king’s funeral, they choose Lothar to be new leader.