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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 8

The American Dream

2 years after precrime start, they see the vision. At family on dinner, father is drunk. He starts to attack his wife, then Precrime division shows up and arrest him.

Dash tells Vega about his vision about shooter for tomorrow, Blake wants to tag along with them.

They tells him about Martin, they go to check them. They found Martin’s delivery boy Felix, they found him deliver illegal. But when she try to push him, Blake set him free.

Blake tells her to work, but he setup tracker on them. After they left Arthur, he meets with Blake. He tells him to give him tip instead of them.

Vega and Dash think that Felix and Tendo go back to the restaurant, but Dash found that restaurant is robbed. They found they are leaving, they following them but they escape. Blake found that Dash is precog, he wants to turn him. She convinces him to help them cover.

Blake tells her that he wants to turn him to DIA, but Dash convinces him to help them stop murdered.

Felix shows up at the place, they go to stop him. He tells him that he is here to get his package  he is upset.back before he get killed. But during talk they are surround by gang,

They are captured to Martin, but with Dash helps. Blake and Vega could take them all down.

Dash tells Arthur that Blake knows about him, he punch him on face. After Vega and her friend check about package they get from Felix. They found it’s a book, day later a man shows up and claim it.

In the book there is DNA sequence.