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NCIS Season 13 Episode 1

Stop the Bleeding

They take Gibss to surgery after the shot, doctor tells him about shatter in his chest. Vance tells Tony to after the calling until they captured or dead.

Gibss dream about himself dead, he is in office see his life on the wall and then see Kelly. They talk and she takes his hand out to the beach. Finally Gibss is safe.

After Gibbs backs, he found that Joanna and Tony are on assignment after the calling. Vance tells him to stay in office instead goes to the field.

Tony and Joanna are at Shanghai, they go to see her’s informant. Daniel call him to taunted him.

Gibbs goes to see one of the calling he arrest, Mathew. He asks him about Shanghai. He won’t tell him. After back to NCIS, they gets new from Mr. Secretary that there is one computer of NCIS send data to North Korean.

Later he found that Mathew suicide, Tony and Joanna found the factory where they see teenager and Luke are working on computer. Joanna try to approach him, he switch on the bomb to destroy all evidence. He escapes to the roof, they following him and found him is going suicide. They tell him, Gibss still alive. He tells them that Daniel has meeting with Chinese.

They found that Daniel try to trick government by hack the alarm system, he almost make the US and Korean fight each other so he can sell his service to chinese. Tony catch Daniel, he shots him dead while he fight back.