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Independence Day Resurgence (2016)

After the attack in year 1996, all nations in world unite and work together. They get all alien technology and use it to develop the defense.

Dylan become the growth up solider, he and Jake are rival. Jake is working on moon defense base under Jiang’s command.

On area 51, solider gets notice about behavior change of captive alien. He try to gets Levinson, which now he’s heading to see warlord. But instead he found Catherine there. She told him that the warlord there fight with alien for year, he is told that the savage ship is activated since 2 days ago.

After they check the ship, they found that it send distressed call to the space. Legacy squadron lead by Dylan also head to the moon, he hit him as soon he met him on the base. They worked together and he almost kill him in the mission.

At hospital, dr oktu who is posses by alien is awake. While defense department found that defense base on the moon is gone.

After that base on moon found something happen, they see the portal open and spaceship is show up. The council vote to attack them first, but Levinson thinks it’s a mistake. He wants to send team to check but they tell him to wait.

Jake decides to check the spaceship to pickup Levinson on earth to the moon, the warlord and Catherine want to come with to check the crash site.

During the celebrate the attack, Whitmore shows up to warn them but before that he collapse, then the big space ship is showing up near the moon.

Jake takes them out there while get the object from crash site before crush by debris, the ship still head to the base. Base try to attack it but failed, it destroy the base.

President activate the defense system, but too late the ship attack their defense. The ship continue to hit the earth on Atlantic.

Whitmore goes to the base the interview the capture alien, they found that they are celebrate. Whitmore goes to see alien and let them posses, he tell them to get answer from them the most.

They ask it about ship and symbol, after it see symbol it goes berserk. They kill it and save Whitmore.

From scan feed of the alien ship, they found the hive queen. Levinson tells them that they try to crash the earth core and end the earth, he thinks destroy the queen might stop the process.

President launch the attack to the queen, Dylan and Jake also on the strike team. They approach them and get heavily defense, Jake and them decide to get inside the ship and activate the bomb.

Whitmore gets the link to them and know it’s a trap, he try to warn them but it’s too late. All aircraft are down, they try to detonate the bomb but it’s failed.

After that it shutdown all their communication and attack the base and capture all president’s cabinet.  They assume that all cabinet are gone, they appoint the highest rank as new President.

Dr. Oktu success and open the part they take it from the moon back, it’s a round object. It’s the enemy of the alien, once one of the staff touch it. Queen detect the existence, she start her ship and goes after it.

While the round object is start to speaking and tell them about war and how she can help them fight the queen. They found that she is coming, Levinson thinks that they can bait the queen. They plans to decoy she out and detonate the bomb with the queen.

Whitmore volunteer to be the pilot to decoy her, while the base plan the defense before queen come. While Jake and the rest of pilot try to distract the alien while the rest go to hijack the ship.

Whitmore decoy them out to the trap, activate the shield and activate the bomb. The queen ship is gone, but they found the queen still alive. The base also breach, aliens are attacking the base.

Queen is upset at Livenson and after him, while Patty and her team try to save him but attack her. Patty success to break her shield, she upsets at her and after her. Dylan and Jake show up and stop her.

Queen found out that her enemy still in the base, she is heading back. Levinson decides to following her, Jake and Dylan manage to make the control back. They hit her with everything they have and kill her.

All their ships are stop and fell down, after that the mother ship leave. Dr. Orku tells them about plan to attack the rest of them.