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The Boss (2016)

Since a child, Michelle is in and out the orphan. Her sister tells her don’t give up her hope. After that she become famous and wealthy 47th in american.

Claire is her assistant, Tito is her driver. Tonight Claire asks her for raise but instead she gives her ear ring for her raise.

Later that she gets a call from Ronald, he threatens her because she ditch her one time. One night she is at the interview of TV show, she lies to them that she didn’t come from orphan. But they cache her up, she upset and leave.

After that she is arrest by FBI for inside trading, seem it’s because of Ronald did it to her. Her lawyer tells her that her company is bankrupt and she has no money anymore. Then Claire also leave her for new job.

After she is released, she found that her asset are gone. She goes to see Claire, but her daughter, Rachel doesn’t allow her to get in. When Claire back from work, she found her at front door.

Michelle found that all her asset are gone, after found out that she has no where to go. Her daughter suggests her to stay with them, Claire is not well agree but she has no choice.

After she stays a while with them, she can’t stand on her. When she goes to see all people she knows, they never like her. But look like Ronald is behind this try to make her life difficult.

One day Claire asks Michelle to take Rachel to scout meeting, she found out what they are doing. That night Michelle plans something to get her wealthy back, she shows her plan to Claire and Rachel.

She convinces Claire to work with her, Claire wants work as side job. She tells her to start to building her brownie, while she tells Rachel to recruit new scout for selling.

Next day she shows up in meeting again, she shows them idea and how they will get commission. She makes them believe and go with her.

Her business is success and sell a lot, Michelle asks Claire to quit job and works full time with her. After that she goes to see Ida for investor and she agree.

One night Rachel gives her family picture, she freaks out and gone from their life. They try to reach her but she won’t answer. Then she gets invitation from her for press.

One day Michelle see that Claire has contract with Ronald, she is upset and they are breaking up. That night Michelle goes to see Ronald and sell the company.

Claire and Rachel are upset what she has done, but after that Michelle feels terrible and try to apology them but they won’t forgive her. She found out that Claire didn’t try to cheat her.

Michelle tells them how to fix this problem, she plans to steal back the contact she signed from Ronald. That night they sneaks in office to find the contact, they get it but they are catch by Ronald.

After a fight, Ronald and Michelle back together instead. Later that Claire and Rachel move to new house.