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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 7

Honor Among Thieves

After precrime end, government just left them out on their own. Dash just get the vision about the murderer, but they can’t stop. But actually it’s a trap that someone setup them up, fortunately he didn’t show up.

Dash goes to see victim’s wife, then she knocks her down. Vega following him to the address and she found him missing.

Vega tells Arthur about Dash missing, after she tells him about it. He tells her about person who employed.

Dash is kidnapped and meet victim’s boss, Van. He tells him that he is Arthur’s brother. He tells him that some of his missing.

Arthur tells her that he will goes to see him alone, he asks him about Dash. He asks him to return his money.

Arthur tells Vega that he steals Van’s money after victim stabbed to dead. She punch him on his face.

Arthur try to buy time by negotiate to Van, Dash makes Van’s men kill each other by tell them their secret.

Arthur get the messages from Dash and get the address from him. Vega get polices to get him, after she tells Arthur that he safe.

Arthur goes to meet Van, he setup him and get rid of him.