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The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

Red lives in the bird land, seem he has bad luck than the other guy. He always get annoyed by someone around him but instead everyone in island say that he has anger issue.

He is sent to therapy for fix this anger problem, in class running by Matilda he meet bomb, chuck and terrence. Chuck has problem with his speed he can’t stay still, Terrance has problem about his monster look and Bomb who can’t control his explosion.

One day a ship of pig is coming on shore, leads by King Mudbeard. He tricks them by give them the show and party. But Red suspicious on them, he try to warn everyone but no one believe him.

Red, Chuck and Bomb decide to find Mighty eager the legend of his island, he thinks he might be able to help them convince the town.

Finally they found him but it’s turn on he just old man, then Red found the plan the pig is going to steal everyone egg. He decides to do something without his help, but it’s too late the pig already steal the eggs.

He, Chuck and Bomb try to stop them but failed, after that everyone in town realize that Red is right. They want him to lead them to get their egg back.

Red tells them to build the boat and get ready to fight with them, while on pig island King Mudbeard starting to celebrate and plan to eat all egg.

After Red and them arrive on chore, they use sling shot from pig to fire each of them to the castle. Red, Chuck and Bomb success to get in the castle.

After Mighty eagle knows about situation he also decide to help, he heading to castle and help them carry the egg out of castle.

King Mudbeard try to stop them but with Red’s sacrifice, Mighty Eagle be able to carry out the egg safety. Red fight with King Mudbead until the end and accidentally destroy all castle down.

After the bomb, they found that Red still survived with the latest egg. He return the children from it to parent. They leave the piggy island safety, town people gives back Red the new house which destroyed during pig attack.