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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 10


Ward and Fitz found the structure like Hydra there, Bobbi and Hunter tell Mac about they believe that Ward takes one of Simmons and Fitz with him. They have to get the castle and secure portal so they can bring them back.

Malick tells Simmons that only Maveth will back from the portal, Fitz lure Ward to the hidden place of Will. He tells Ward that he will be their guide.

Ward wants them to find Maveth, Mac leads Shield to take down castle. Simmons get chances and escape.

Will and Fitz plan to get off Ward, Simmons found inhuman container. She found Andrew, he wants her to help him out. Hydra shows up, she has no choice but let him out. He turn to Lash and kill them.

They lure Ward in storm zone, they get chance to get out. Ward is upset when he found they are gone. Coulson shows up and knocks them down.

May found that Andrew kill all inhuman, Malick wants his men to get the portal back. Lincoln is worried about creature will come out instead of them, he wants to close portal. Mac tells them to leave, he will stays until Fitz and them back. He sets May as new director. Skye wants to stay with him.

Coulson found Fitz and Will, but Fitz found out that Will is Maveth. He knocks him down, Coulson found out Will is going to kill Fitz, he shots him. Ward get chances to attack Coulson, Fitz knocks Maveth down. Coulson kill Ward with his hand.

Mack tells May to destroy the castle, Mack, Skye, Fitz and Coulson are safety come back. At night Malick found Ward on the way he goes to the airport, he is taken over by Maveth.