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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 6

Fiddler’s Neck

6 months after Precrime, Agatha meets Brian. He offered her a job to help animal. Today she has vision about Brian.

Dash and Arthur will go to see Agatha, he wants Vega to help them too. He thinks it’s not good idea. They gets her in to island.

Vega questions Agatha what she see in vision, she tells her that Brian’s daughter is poison. She found that Agatha is in love with Brian, but Vega thinks he might poison her.

They go to check that if daughter already poisoned, but they found nothing. They go to check the only doctor in town, he found that daughter get malaria. But her mother don’t want to give her medicine, they try to make she has it.

Vega and Agatha go to see Brian’s wife but he is back. She knows that she is Brian’s lover, she found that he already has medicine.

Arthur and Dash found that the island guard poison Brian’s family, to force them to help them grow tobacco. They stop their daughter from get poisoned.

They ask Brian to escape while they stop the guard. They knock them out one by one, but they are captured. They try to burn them alive, Agatha shows up and knock them down.