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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016)

While he is a child, Bruce’s parent is killed that night. When he growth up then he became Batman to protect the people in his city.

One day the alien attack the city, but that day people in city and Bruce meet Superman. He shows up and destroy all alien, but his fight destroy half of the city.

18 months later, Lane and Jimmy are on the way to interview terrorist group. But they found that Jimmy is CIA, they kill him and going to kill her. But terrorist’s contractor betrayed them and kill all terrorist.

Superman shows up and help Lane before terrorist’s base is destroyed by drone and rescue her before she is killed. After that people start to question about his action.

One night 2 patrols found the devil who rescue group of people from criminals. One of them see him, Batman. He pursue after Russian gang, who bring dirty bomb in Gotham.

Lex Luthor is working with homeland security on Krytonite’s weapon, he convinced them to allow him to create weapon against superman. He convinced them to get access the Krytonite and General’s Zod body.

Some people doesn’t happy that their family is not saved by Superman, more and more people hating him.

Lane try to tracking the terrorist contractor, she thinks that us government is after this. She is going to investigate more but Clark is not agree.

Bruce found out that Lex involved with the Russians, he is going to check at his house for more information. But he is invited into his party, he gets some information.

Clark meets Bruce at the party, he found out that he is looking for something. While Bruce meets a strange woman while she stolen his information. But he found out later that she is wonder woman.

But after that she return it to him, he found from it the weapon that can kill Superman. He is going to steal it from Lex, that night he attack Lex’s transportation.

But that night he meets superman, he tells him to stop to be a batman. After that Lex gets hand of Krytonite instead.

Lane found out that Lex is after superman, he plans to make superman looks bad. But before hearing Senator found out the truth, Lex shows up and stop her. Superman also entering the hearing, but Lex sabotage the hearing and blame it to Superman.

That night Batman attacks Lex’s facility and get Kryptonite. While Lex use Zod’s body to revive him back.

Lois found out that Lex is behind of the attack of capital, while Bruce decides to fight with Superman. While Lex kidnaps Lois and Clark’s mother to lure Superman out.

Lex forces Superman to fight with Batman in exchange to save his mother, he has no choice but do it. Lois try to stop both of them.

Batman and Superman start to fight, Clark try to explain to Bruce but he won’t listen. Batman uses Krytonite weapon on him and make him weaken.

While Batman is going to kill Superman with Kryptonite’s spear, Superman asks him to save his mother. Lois shows up and stop him. They tell him about his mother, they agree to work together to help her.

Batman will go to get Martha out while Superman is going to stop Lex, Batman success to rescue Martha, Superman goes to see Lex but he found that he create some thing there from his blood and Zod.

It’s very strong, it knocks down Superman and start to attack the city. Batman also heads there to help him. Superman takes chance to take it up on sky, military see chance and fire nuke on them.

Both of them are hit, it fells down to earth and get more power. Batman try to engage with it, he try to lure it back Gotham then he can finish it with his Kryptonite’s spear.

After Superman get the light from sun, he’s coming back. Before it finish Batman, Wonder woman shows up to help him. While Superman and Wonder Woman busy with it, Lois try to get spear back. She almost died but Superman shows up and help her and get spear back.

Superman try to use speak on it while Batman weaken it down by Krytonite and Wonder Woman tie it down.

He killed it with Krytonite’s spear but he also weaken down by it too, he is stabbed by its fang.

Lex is captured by government and send to prison. Before they found him they found something disappear before see him.

Bruce asks Wonder Woman to help find another meta human, so they can fight together for him. When Batman goes to see Lex, he tells him about something is coming.