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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 9


Coulson and Rosalind stills keep see each other, during diner she is killed by sniper, Ward. He send few men to kill him, he get rid them. Mac comes to pick him up.

Coulson back to Shield, he goes back to ask all original team with Ward. He wants all small detail from them.

Coulson setup Mac as director instead of him, Banks tell Simmons and Fitz to old contractor that do project for Hydra. Banks is killed by inhuman, he captured Simmon and Fitz.

They are taken to Malick and see Ward, they want to know how to open the portal but they won’t share it. He starts to tortured Simmons.

Coulson, Hunter and Bobbi go to grab Ward’s brother, they shows him his brother. He tells them about Ward’s childhood. He plans to lure him to talk with him while they will find him.

They found Ward near the castle that they open the portal, they think Malick want to open portal tool. Ward try to get information from Simmons. but she won’t, they want to send Fitz to portal instead. Malick wants Ward to go in with Fitz,

Coulson arrives at castle, he jump down to the portal. But while he lands, he knocks out.