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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 5

The Present

In past while officer Vega patrol, he is ambush and get killed. Present, Agatha shows Arthur the new system to hold them. She convinces him that Vega will betray them.

Today is Vega’s birthday it the same day that her father died, after directory of DIA shows up. Dash has another vision.

Vega asks Wally about records that happen before Precrime started, she knows it from Dash. After check the evidence they found in vision, They think that Vega might be the victim.

Vega goes to check one of criminal that she put down, but he has no idea. While she leaving she found her father’s watch there, she thinks she knows that how she died. She will died from finding about her father’s dead.

She found that the precrime’s record are keep at DIA, but she found that all archives are destroyed. But they tell her that Precog remember it.

Wally tells them about machine that can get forget memory, but they need Arthur’s memory too. Vega goes to convinces him to help, he agrees to do because it’s her birthday.

They found their memory about her father, she found out that the woman at the prison is the one who shot her father.

Vega plans to confront her, Dash wants to go with her. She confess to her that she did, but someone hired her. But then her son shows up and point gun to her, she convinces him to stay down. She tells her that her dealer Lycon hired her.