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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 8

Many Heads, One Tale

Ward found that Marlic has Vaun’s vault, he wants to have it but he doesn’t agreed. He try to get his men killed him, but he failed. Ward try to ask them about the vault.

Mac asks Coulson about his relation with Rosalind, ┬áhe tells him that he has plan. Next he makes a meeting with team. While she is with him, he wants them to find out what is inside ATCU. Bobbi found no container or Andrew, instead she found about fish oil. They also found out that they didn’t try to cure any of them. But they turn them to inhuman. Hunter try to get back to Bobbi to help her.

Coulson locked Rosalind in room with him, he tells her that he wants to know she is hydra or not. She found that she is tricks by Malick too, she asks him to let her on phone she will help his people.

While Coulson shows Rosalind around, his team infiltrated in ATCU. Fitz and Simmons found out about the symbol about this group.

Malic shows up to Andrew, he try to recruit him. Ward found out about his vault and go there, he found Malic there.

He tells him about history of hydra, and shows him about small part of monolith. He tells him about another portal to another planet.

At Shield, Rosalind tells them about Malick recruit her from NASA. Fitz and Simmons shows them about the sign they found from Will suit. They found Malic is hydra.

Ward shows up to Andrew, he wants to unleash monster from him.