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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 4


Agatha forced Charlie to working for her, she tells him he can’t outrun her. Dash just has another vision after the release of official Hawk-eye.

They found it’s a confrontation, killer and dog. They found it’s related to charity, Dash and Vega go to see there.

Dash meets Fredi, she work on Cayman’s foundation. He found that her bracelet in his vision, she is probably a victim.

Dash tells them he wants to ask her out for undercover, he goes to asks her out. She invites her to the foundation’s party. He found that Cayman has dog, he tricks her to get out with him.

After talks Fredi tells Dash that Cayman might be one who responsible for her sister’s dead. That’s why she takes the job to find out.

Dash goes to see Arthur and ask him for help to break in Cayman’s place to find some evidence. She tells him what happen to her sister, she thinks they overdose her.

Vega found that Fredi already kill one of Cayman friend, she try to warn Dash but he won’t listen. He disconnect from Vega and goes with Fredi. She tells him that she is going to make him confess.

She locks him outside while she goes to see Cayman. She get gun on him, they have fight. Dash gets in and convinces Fredi to leave him before police come.

Vega shows up and arrest him for murderer, she has prove for that.