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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 7

Chaos Theory

6 months ago while May and Andrew are on vacation, they are pretty happy. Then he suddenly make accident and make him self in stone.

Skye and Coulson discuss about ATCU did, Andrew volunteer to take a look after Jose while they are on mission.

May didn’t tell anyone what she discover about Andrew, she found that he is with Jose at training facility.

May shows up and takes Joey back, she wants to asks him. Andrew knows her down. Mac goes to get Lincoln. He tells him that Lash is in Shield.

Coulson asks Skye to shows Rosalind around, she doesn’tĀ agreed with both of their method.

Andrew captured May in his hidden, he tells her how it’s happen. He tells her that he wants her help.

Lincoln and Mac shows up, he tells them about Lash. They tells them that Andrew is Lash, Lincoln explain them that he stills in transition. He may change permanently to Lash.

Coulson shows up to them, he wants him to turn himself. But Lincoln shows up and make Lash get out, he fight with him. He is out chasing Lincoln, he try to lure him to container.

May shows up and convinces Andrew, she push him in container. Rosalind offered May that they should put him in chamber in static to slow down his transition.

Fiz found out that Will’s shirt logo that match with same group they craft in castle. Ward has meeting with Malic, he suggest that he will kill Coulson.