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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 3


One of officer pull out the driver from driving carefulness, she is from Hawk-Eye new police program. One of office from center explains the police about the program.

While Arthur and Dash go out at wood, they see vision about Massero beats the other until dead. They found that victim is Trevor.

Vega tells Dash that he should go with her in city and her assistant, he afraid that someone will remember him.

Agatha tells Arthur about her vision, she thinks Vega is the one who will put them back in precrime.

Vega gets help from her friend and get Dash as Hawk-eye’s analysis. So he can works with her.

Dash goes to interview with her friend, she tells him do not screw up. They go to see Massero, but they found that he is not there.

Vega and Dash go to see Massero at home, but he refused. Vega’s friend tells her that her boss wants to see Dash. He questions him for nothing important.

Vega and Dash found from Massero’s doctor that he fixed his brain, and his wife has affair too. They go to asks her about his affair, but then they found out she is not his reason. They found that Massero might meet with Trevor on the way there, they go to stop him before he kill him.

While they celebrate, Vega found that Massero is going to suicide. Wally tells them that when they see vision, victim won’t suicide. Vega try to stop Massero, while Dash goes to see Arthur to get the name.

Arthur tells Dash about Agatha’s vision. He doesn’t believe, but he gives him a name. Vega goes to stop him on time, he tells her about his doctor.

They found someone on his board hire his doctor to change his brain.