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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 6

Among Us Hide…

Andrew stills alive when Coulson get to him, he tells them about Alexander. He is rescued by Shield’s agent that Coulson have him following him. May wants to after Ward.

Ward tells his men to get rid Alexander, Skye tells Coulson that Lash must be one of ATCU’s men.

May tested Bobbi and found she is ready, she wants her to work with her on Ward. They are going after Alexander.

Alexander go to get help from¬†Malick, Coulson makes Rosalind to takes him to her house. Mac tells Skye that he thinks Bank is Lash, they will go out to tail him. But instead Hunter knocks him down and test his DNA. They get his message, they are going to check that place.¬†They use Fitz’s done to spy the place.

Simmons tells them Banks is not inhuman, why they spy the place they found that ATCU storing inhuman. They found Coulson there too.

Rosalind tells Coulson that she stage them in static until they find the cure and send them home.

Bobbi and May found Alexander is tortured by Ward’s men. They get in and knock them down, before Alexander die he tells May about Andrew. He is Lash.