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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 2

Mr. Nice Guy

While playing chess, Dash see again the vision about future. Vega just failed her simulation, Will asks her about how she did before. He thinks she has informant.

Dash go to see Wally and help him get picture out, Vega shows up as they called her about his new vision.

They found the victim might be near the club around, Vega said that they can find them if they get the name. Dash goes to see Arthur to asks about name, but he wants Vega to get something for him in return. He doesn’t agreed.

Vega takes Dash to club they see in his vision, Dash found victim. But he freaks her out, then they found the killer.

Vega tells him they have to wait until he get victim, then they can stop it. They stakes out him and wait, but after wait Vega decides to put herself as victim but she failed.

Vega agreed to get the file for Arthur, she found that it’s a file about their mother. She asks him is it a test, he gives her a name.

They found the victim at club, Dash wants to warn her but Vega doesn’t agree. Vega’s partner shows up, while Dash confront her and makes her leave.

But Killer and victim gets out, Vega following him back home but she found that he is not killer. Vega looks their vision again, she thinks it’s bartender.

Victim back to club and is attacked by bartender, he is going to kill her. Vega and Dash shows up and stop him on time.