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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 5

4,722 Hours

6 months ago, Simmons was taken out by Monolith. She found herself that she is not on earth. She found the night on this planet is very long, she found the water with creature inside. She has no choice but has to eat it

After month, she is captured by someone. she thinks he try to fatten her and eat her. She tricks him one day and escape out, she cut herself. He try to warn her that it can smells’s blood. She found he is Will, he was here for 14 years.

He tells her about NASA send his team here, it’s from outside make them crazy and kill themselves. He and her start to work together to find out exist.

She wants to go to the off limit zone, but he is not agreed. One day she gets out and found some thing, on they way back she meet the death. She run back to Will, she tells him what she found.

She tells him from her found, she found the way to get home. She can predict where the portal will open, they head to there. They found portal open but it’s too far, they can’t reach it. They try to shot the message into portal, but they miss.

After that Will and Simmons are together, later that after next calculation she found next portal position. They go to it, they rush to there. But Death is coming, Will tells her to go. He is stopping it, Simmons following Fitz’s voice and get out.

After Fitz listened her, he decides to help him back. He shows her where is that planet.