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Minority Report Season 1 Episode 1

Agatha, Arthur and Dash are childhood friends, they become the experiments. They can see murder that happen before happen. Government takes them and start precrime.

Dash sneask into town, he is going to stop a murder. He see a woman throw down the building, but he missed her.

Vega is the detective, she is checking the victim. She thinks the victim protecting someone, so she drop down dead. She discover the girl hide in table.

Agatha complains to Dash that they didn’t set them free to play the hero at crime scene, she tells him that his vision is not complete with out his brother.

Vega found that she is followed, she catch Dash. He gives her the clue for killer and left, she found his note.

Blake found Vega is working on her case, they use the clue from Dash to find the suspect. They found it matchs with Sahm, precrime stop him before he did. They go to get him but he is killed by iron bar.

Vega thinks Dash is see the future like Precrime, she found him recently place. She asks him about what he knows. Then he start to see next murder, he has seizure.

She knows what he is now, she takes him out. He tells her about Arthur, he is upset. She convinces him to let her help, he draws her the picture he saw. Then he see the face of mayor it like he saw.

They go to asks him about, Dash sure the victim is Mayor’s wife. After check the mayor security, they found Sahm’s picture. Now they head to where Sahm was, they found daughter of father that Precrime put him before he did.

They asks him about Sahm, when they talking about arrest. He jumps of the roof, Vega following him. He escapes.

Vega takes him home, he tells her that he is looking for Arthur. But they have no idea how about rally of mayor tomorrow, Dash takes her to someone for help.

He put him in device, it’s hurt him but when he pass out. They see the murder weapon, Vega call to ask about his information.

She found him and cuff him, but Dash stills see it. She asks him who is working with. Vega then realize that his daughter is working with him.

Now she is at the mayor rally, Vega and Dash also there they found her when she start to attack. Vega and Dash stop her.