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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 4

Devils You Know

Alisha goes to warn a couple about terrigan, they are attacked by beast. Skye and Mac go to help them, Skye is mad and go after him. Instead they found ATCU there.

Rosalind suspects that Coulson didn’t tell her everything, she wants to know how he know where are them. He tells her they are Skye’s friends.

Coulson asks them to share information to ATCU, Hunter gets job without any description from Ward’s man, May warns him this might be the trap.

Skye found trace of victim’s email trace back to Frye, she thinks probably he is running by ATCU.

Next day Shield and ATCU work together and go to see him, Skye found him and attack him. He tells them about rash he has, he doesn’t know about email from killing. He tells them about Lash, that beast asks him to track them down.

Skye and Mac go back with ATCU with Frye, on the way Lash shows up. They lost Frye, Lash killed him and leave. She see him transform into human.

Hunter has chance to meet with Ward, they start to fight. May shows up and help him.

Ward hostages Andrew to get May fell back, but Hunter won’t listen. He keeps going after him, he shots him one time before he escapes.

Audrew died in explosion by Ward’s men. Simmons tells Fitz that she wants to go back