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Limitless Season 1 Episode 12

The Assassination of Eddie Morra

A woman, Piper gets in the hotel with the gun, she assembly it after she take NZT. She shot Senator Morra while he is at podium from far away, he is not dead.

At FBI, Brian found Sand in office. He ignores him like he doesn’t know him, he catch him in lift. He tells him about Piper, she used to work for Senator but he cuts her off. She wants to avenge every one around him, he tells him to find her before FBI and before she gets Senator.

Boyle and Brian go to check the hotel suite, while there he gets the message from Piper, she wants him to find Sammy so he will find her.

Rebecca tells Boyle that sniper might be on NZT otherwise how she can shoot that far, Brian found the place where they buried Sammy. He found Piper’s place, she threaten his family. He rush back to his parent, he found her. Piper tells them that she is his girlfriend.

He found that Piper is one who invented the dose, she worked with him until one day she decides to stop and run out from him. Senator Morra frame him for kill his boy friend. She wants him to help her kill Senator.

Next day Brian goes to meet with Senator, he asks if he did kill her boyfriend. He refused, they give Bran a gun to kill Piper before he needs another dose. He tells him that she can’t help him, she doesn’t know how to make dose.

At FBI, Brian found that Brandy is captured as sniper. He thinks that they setup her to point FBI from Piper. Boyle and Rebecca found that Brandy confess to get something for her family before she die from sick.

At night Brian setup Piper, she found out and run to subway. He push her in the rail, Sand confirmed to him that she id dead. They wipe out everything related to him. At night Brian goes to see Piper, they plan and trick Sand and Senator.