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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 3

A Wanted (Inhu)man

Lincoln is on run from ATCU, he barely escape. At Shield after they exam Simmons, they are worry about her.

They plan to get him Lincoln back, but he won’t agree. Now they announce his face to public, he barely to escape. His friend help him out, but after he found out that he is an alien he freaks out.

Lincoln call Skye for help, Skye and Mack go to get him. Coulson has a meeting with Rosalind at beach, he try to convinces her to let them handle Lincoln. But she won’t agreed.

She wants Lincoln exchange for she will not expose Skye to public, Mac tells her that Coulson wants to turn Lincoln to them. Lincoln knocks them and escape, Rosalind’s men try to get Skye instead. Coulson make a deal with her to┬álet them go.

Coulson tells Skye that now he will works for her, he done fighting with human. Skye doesn’t trust┬áthem.

Simmons tell Bobbi that she wants to go back to portal.