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Limitless Season 1 Episode 11

This is Your Brian on Drugs

Mike and Ike are suffer with Brian, one day they go to get NZT for Brian. They found the office is compromised. They found the thief, Ike is shot.

Naz tells them that thief get 6K of NZT, Brian try to find out who are them. He found that one of them is Henri, he found where they can intercept those thieves. He manged to put her and Casey on same team. They get all NZT back safety.

Naz tells them that 80 of NZT is missing, she thinks some of them might takes it. Casey tells her that nobody risk they work, but he found out that his men took it. He is going to help Rebecca by return it, but that before she breaks up with him over text.

Casey tells his team they will use the pill one time, each of them has their goal they want to archive.

Casey gets call from one of his men, he just killed his friend because he found that he cheated on his wife. So he killed him, Casey takes another pill to find out how to get out from this situation.

He decides to blame everything on dead guy, Brian found that Casey takes NZT. Brian goes to see Rebecca about NZT, Casey shows up. He kidnapped Brian and Rebecca, Brian tricks them to use his plan. They put the gas in building, they are taken down one by one by Boyle.

Boyle has no choice but shoot him to dead, that night Boyle asks Brian what another alternative he talked about, he tells him if he lets him talks to Casey he might surrender. Boyle also get hand on NZT that Casey drop it.