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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 2

Purpose in the Machine

In 1839 group of men, make the selection and send of their man to the Monolith. He is taken by it, one of them said that no one ever return.

Shield gets him out the Monolith before it takes him, he found sand from Monolith. Fitz thinks that she is taken to there, they are going to help him find her.

Hunter goes to hunt down Ward, while Bobbi and other go to get Dr. Randolph. He knows about Monolith and he is also inhuman. He wants to see is it portal.

He tells them he will wants to help but after they get though, he wants it destroyed they are agreed. After he see ancient’s scroll from Fitz, he takes them to old castle. They found hidden passage, they found the control panel for Monolith.

Hunter goes to recruit May to help him hunt down Ward, but she refused. He said after Ward  get Hydra back they will come to her.

Fitz and them try to turn on machine, but it’s collapse. Skye is knocks down by sound, Fitz thinks machine works. He try to put it back. Skye tells them that she can open the portal. After open, Fitz put himself in robe and jump into portal.

Fitz found Simmons, but they have to pull him back. They finally get both of them back. May decides to got with Hunter.