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Limitless Season 1 Episode 10


Brian tells his father about NZT, he tells him he should get out this drug. In past friend of Boyle gets in accident and lost his arm, he got his new robotic’s arm.

Boyle gets the call from him Aaron that his wife is dead, he is arrested because of that. Brian questions him, he tells him that his hand kill his wife.

Boyle and Brian go to see CRAFT, one who build arm for Aaron. They tells him that it’s impossible to hack the arm. Brian wants to try to do it.

Brian shows to CRAFT that their arm is be able to hack, they instead try to recruit him. Brian backs to FBI and start to find the hacker, then Rebecca shows them that the other arm is hack. Brian tells them that it’s Arm-ageddon.

Boyle and Rebecca go to question everyone at CRAFT, Brian notices one of them can be this hacker, Kang. Rebecca tells him they found all evidence enough to get her.

Next day Brian found that it’s not her but someone else that get profit from this Arm-ageddon, he gets stock market down. He is Kenny, he gets profit from market down. Brian found that he is at Dubai now, he try to figure out how to get him back.

He made him back to US, they question him about the murder. But he tells them he didn’t kill anyone. That night Brian’s father shows up at FBI, they talked he tells him that he doesn’t want to get his help.

Rebecca found that Kenny has assistant, Aaron to help him hack. He uses the situation from Kenny to kill his wife and blame to the arm, but they figure out that it’s not possible to hack the arm without camera. But his house has no camera.