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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 1

Laws of Nature

Joey is confusing when he touch something, it’s collapse. Few agents shows up and try to arrest him, he escapes. Sky shows up and help him out of this to shield.

She explains to him what is him now, she tells him they will help him adapt. Coulson shows up tells her about this group that abduct inhuman, he gets picture of woman is in charge of the agents. They found that she is not hydra, they found a lot of her alias.

Skye tells Joey about alien’s DNA and he has it. He freaks out after they tells him he can’t go back, Skye has to knock him down.

Fitz stills chasing after clue about Monolith, he goes to see Yusef. He wants ancient scroll from him in exchange with what is in his case.

At night Coulson and Hunter go to get Rosalind but they fell in her trap instead, Skye and Mac go to see Lincoln. They want him to help them convince Joey, but they found that inhuman is attack them. They chase him out, they try to following him. But finally he escape.

Rosalind tells Coulson about dead of inhuman, both of them don’t know about it. while they are busy, Coulson escapes from her trap.

They found from president that Rosalind is control of ATCU, they exist to neutralize the alien from country.

Fitz backs and he found nothing to help her, Coulson convinces him to let her goes. Fitz gets inside the room with Monolith, he try to wakes it.

Simmons stills alive somewhere, she is running out from something.