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Limitless Season 1 Episode 9


Brian starts to nag Naz about his headquarters and his own case,he keeps bother her until one day he tells her that he will gives her FBI’s most wanted list to her.

He located one of them to her, she finally agreed. He gather some of agent to help him catch them. He starts to separate the work to each agent to following them.

Brian and Rebecca’s work get one of them, while he following the other they has been spot. Bolye and Casey call Rebecca tells her to help get another one, Brian found another one.

Brian found Lawrence’s room, he thinks that he is innocence  and try to find his wife’s killer. Lawrence shows up, he convinces him that he is innocence. He thinks he can prove that he is.

He tells her about Lawrence’s invention, he thinks if Lawrence get NZT he will remember all detail about that night. Rebecca agreed. They found that his rival hired Phillips to kill him.

In exchange he will tell them where is the other, Naz tell him to stop hunting them. Because many bureau thinks it’s not their job. She gives him headquarter as he requests.

At night his father asks him about his problem, he tells him about NZT.