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iZombie Season 2 Episode 9

Cape Town

At night the fog rescue a woman from robbery attack, next day he is found dead in garbage.

Clive shows The Fog to Ravi and Liv, he is real life hero that patrol city during night. Clive tells them that last night woman he helped is at station.

Clive and Liv go to question Stacy’s boss about robbery, Liv get vision about hastag has fight with the fog.

Blaine bring a man to the morgue, he tells her that he knows how to tainted utopium. They ask her to help him by turn him to zombie, he gets up.

Clive and Liv question hastag, he tells them about the fog are assembly a team. Liv asks other hero about the fog plan. But seem they afraid to join them, Ravi shows them that one of Boss’s body guard is killed. They found address of victim of robbery in his body.

Blaine and that man they rescue tells them about the source of taint of utopium buried somewhere. ¬†Liv then see vision about Boss’s gun, she rush back to Clive. But he tells him that they can’t invade there without cause.

At night Liv dress as superhero and goes to stop the exchange of Boss,¬†Clive questions one of the robber that night. He tells him that actually the victim kill the fog because she just rob Boss’s casino.

Liv knocks down all men in the warehouse, she found the victim of robbery there. She attack her when she has chance, while she is going to kill her. Boss shows up and kill her.

She wakes up and found all guns are disappear, Ravi tells her that Boss help her life. She try confront him at station, Clive tells her it’s a mistake that get her works with him.