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Limitless Season 1 Episode 8

When Pirates Pirate Pirates

Naz asks Brian and Rebecca to her safe house, she is going at DC. She worried that he might get kidnapped again, he is not captured to test lab because she put tricks on his file.

Naz wants the director to find out who responsibility to sign paper for Brian. After she backs from DC, agents takes her away to investigate. New boss shows up, Johnson.

He cut off his NZT and put him in safe house, but Brian found before Naz gone she tells him to go to safe house. But Brian needs to goes back to get his NZT.

At safe house, they found Ava, Naz’s daughter. She tells them Naz is guilty, she tells them about Mitra, Naz’s cousin. She is captured by pirate, that’s whay Naz is arrested because she send money to pirate.

Brian and Rebecca plan to use bait to lure the one who sign off Brian, at night Ava gets the information about Mitra. She is overtaken by another pirate, Brian tells Rebecca about his own NZT.

He just learns new language and try to locate the pirate. He found her at Indonesia, he found that Mitra is held by Wong sa.

Boyle tells Johnson about medical record of Brian, but he wants to goes to DC with him. Johnson agreed. Boyle found out that Deputy director is the one who behind this.

Brian found the people might related to Wong sa, he made himself captured by them. He found the old captain of pirate, he try to convinces him to release Mitra.

Boyle get paper from his source about black op, Brian call Eddie to asks help from him to expose the deputy director. Naz is back to CJC, Mitra is released back too.