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iZombie Season 2 Episode 8

The Hurt Stalker

Regina is the one who drop letter to Dale’s house, at parking she is attack by someone. She attacked him back but another man shoot her down.

Clive tells Liv and Ravi after see her that she was his ex. At morgue they found that the bullet kill Regina is may come from Clive. The detective that works on the case show them the recording that Clive threaten Regina.

Dale shows up at morgue and give them the Regina’s album, seem she stalk him for a while until he fire charge against her.

At night after Liv eats her brain, she become paranoid. She found out about Rita from major’s phone. She promises him that she will fight the brain.

Liv and Ravi ask Clive about Regina hows they met, what’s going on. They go to check about last couple that Regina’s client. She has vision about that man couple, he also cop. She think he has affair with Regina.

They found Regina also has affair with other one in same station as Clive. But he has alibi.

Liv found out about cop that is an original guy of Regina, she accidentally be in his car. She found that he is chief police. He locks her in prison.

After Ravi gets her out, she shows him the photo of Regina wear her last client ring. Her brother run off, they are all arrest.

She tells her that she is going to kill her brother, she has no choice but shoot her dead. She confess to help her brother.