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Limitless Season 1 Episode 7

Brian Finch’s Black Op

Brian pretend to sick today, while he wants to go out he is kidnapped by men. At FBI, CAI’s agent shows up and tell them they want to use Brian for their operation.

Brian found that he is kidnapped by CIA, they want him to work on black op. They want him to captured one man from the wood, Alexsey.

FBI found who are this unit, they found there is another one in unit. At night CIA team caught Alexsey, they question him. Brian found that CIA is going kill Alexsey.

Another of this CIA unit tells Rebecca about her unit, and what’s happen to Alexsey. They killed his family, Brian try to help Alexsey out but the one he tells betray him and kill┬átheir leader.

He tells him they are going to see Alexsey for 10 millions, Brian try to tricks them to turn each other. He plans to poison him too, while he get chances to talk to FBI he sent them the stress signal.

Alexsey gets loose and kill all of them, he takes a pill from Brian and leave him. Brian is out of NZT, he lost in wood. But finally Rebecca following him and rescue him back.