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iZombie Season 2 Episode 7

Abra Cadaver

Ravi and Liv go to check Syd’s body at hotel, he was the magician. The witness tell them that she heard him yelled at angel. Ravi tells Clive about the threaten card he found in victim’s room.

Blaine tells Liv about his customers are missing by zombie-killer, he wants to team up with her to stop Dale and stop the killer.

Clive questions Syd’s assistant because she is the one that Syd yelled to, she tells them about other angry magician.

At night when Liv goes to ask one of magician, Houdina. Liv gets vision when around her, she see that she and Syd are going married. They found her card is found on his body. After ask her, she thinks he is not dead it’s his magic.

They go to ask Magnus, he tells him about his past with Syd. Liv gets vision and found that he is the one who send threaten to Syd. But they still have no idea about how killer get in his room.

Payton goes to warn Blaine about Stacy’s boss knows about him. He gives her the card in case that Stacy’s boss show up again.

They found about that the maid that found body might be the one that kill Syd, Liv thinks she still in hotel.

Liv exposes their tricks how they enter Syd’s room. Syd is going to expose the magicians, one of them disguise as maid in hotel. While other distract security camera, they both confess.