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Limitless Season 1 Episode 6

Side Effects May Include…

In file they found that her father goes to rehab in very expensive clinic, they decide to find out what happen to her father.

Naz tells Rebecca about war game, she wants her to be in this game with her for days. Brian goes to the clinic disguise as addict. He found something about his note, then before he leave he start to have symptom of NZT’s effects.

He goes to see Sand about the shot, he wants him to make Rebecca get fired from FBI. He doesn’t agree.

Brian try to find the way how to escape from side effect and avoid Sand’s task. He decides to contact Eddie.

Brian shows Rebecca what he found, they found all patient like her father are at UBent week before they all disappear, he think they are the one who built it.

Brian’s side effects is getting worse, he goes to UBent and ask them about NZT. But they refuse. But someone from UBent gives him the note, he goes to see her Karen about AE.

She thinks that AE is not dead, he may help him about side effects. He found him and give Rebecca’s address. She leave her mission with Naz and goes to find AE.

Brian wakes up and found Eddie, he gives him the dose. He said to him it’s a test. He wants him to be his partner, he wants him to work with him in project to save the world. He gives him some NZT.

AE tells her that NZT didn’t kill her father, he tells her that he didn’t make NZT. He tells her that her father starts to share it to people, then they start to disappear.

She tells Brian what she found, Naz tells her that she knows about her file. She tells her that she helps her cover, she tells her if she wants to know more about NZT she needs to be notices and get high clearance.