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iZombie Season 2 Episode 6

Max Wager

Ravi and Payton found that Major and Liv are together and very happy. They glad for them.

After left court, Cole tells Clive about minimum security prison he will be. Then 2 gun men shows up and kill him.

When Clive shows up at morgue, they are happy that his is safe. Clive takes her to question Thrunk who is on the same floor as dead security guard. But he won’t accepted.

At night Liv and Major found Clive and Dale, Major think they still keep looking about the previous case. Liv tell him that she is here for missing people case.

Clive and Liv found out that the taylor, the one that send debt collector to see Cole. They go to ask them, but he dodge all their question. He tells him about Cole’s life insurance.

Clive¬†tells her that Cole’s wife make funeral at Blaine’s place, she goes to see him. He is drunk.

At night Stacey’s boss goes to see Payton, he threaten her and leave. Clive found the drug hidden inside Thrunk’s pet case, he can takes him in.

Liv found out that Cole’s friend who is basketball hero might involve about gambler. They question him, they convince him to confess that he hire gunmen to kill Cole because he keeps blackmail him.

Blaine’s father force him to kill his rival for him, but at night he is captured by Major and killed by him. But the truth is he didn’t kill them he freeze them in warehouse.