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Limitless Season 1 Episode 5

Personality Crisis

Brian wakes up and found out his message sent by himself tells him do not tell anything about her father.

At FBI Rebecca tells BrianĀ about meth lab, they wants him to help them go through data. He is waiting while Rebecca and team go to arrest the lab.

But seems they are warned about the raid, one of them escape. Brian meet him and try to stop him. He get punched but FBI shows up and arrest him.

They found he and his brother enter the building but he doesn’t know about lab. FBi found that the compound they make drug can be also use to build bomb.

They ask Brian to question Chris, Sam’s brother. He tells him that Sam is not terrorist. He found that Chris is innocent. But he found hidden email account of Sam.

His boss wants Brian to make a train so he can protect himself, Rebecca tells them about email account, there is draft folder where there is few picture with encrypt information. One of them is hospital address, they go check inside and found Sam is building dirty bomb.

FBI wants him to tell Chris about his brother building the bomb, they want him to get more information from Chris about Sam.

Chris tells Brian that he knows where is Sam, FBI tells him to trick Chris to help them get his brother. They surround him and wait for Sam, Sam and Allen shows up. But Chris alert them, they try to run out. FBI kill Allen after he killed Chris.

At night Brian shows Rebecca a file about her’s father.