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Limitless Season 1 Episode 4

Page 44

FBI tells him about important case about Mao, they wants him to go though his garbage. He found something on his garbage, he thinks he pass out about drone.

But with it they can’t do much thing, Sands shows up at night he wants him to get some information for him about NZT file from FBI. He gives him the file before he get next shot.

At FBI one of Brian’s friend rat lab is stolen by someone, he wants him to help. he thinks that his rival stole it. But later they found his rival is dead, all evidence point to his friend. He found out that who is the suspect that kill his rival and frame him.

Brian sneaks in his lab to get his mouse back, but he get caught he is following by security. But Rebecca’s help, he can get out. He decides to make fake file to give to Sand.

But he found that it’s fake, he made his father sick. He has no choice but get in his boss’s office and get file.

Brian and Rebecca go to ask his friend rivalry’s lawyer about his plan one of his heir. They bluff him with DNA they just found n his garbage. He finally corporate with them.